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Friends of Conservation
101 St Martin's Lane
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Tel: 020 3667 7017

Tobago - Even in ideal circumstances only 1 in every 1000 hatchlings of turtles will live long enough (25 years) to become reproductive adults. SOS Tobago is a small non-profit community based organisation comprising a group of unpaid volunteers who spend their nights (often after a full dayís work) patrolling the Islandís three main turtle nesting beaches in an attempt to prevent poaching. The volunteers undertake this work at personal risk as the poachers tend to operate in groups and invariably are armed with implements to kill and dismember turtles. If a female is disturbed whilst nesting she may try and lay her eggs on a nearby un-patrolled beach where she is at more risk of being killed. 
Contributions to SOS Tobagoís work are greatly appreciated. Donations can be used to purchase night binoculars (to help identify turtles coming ashore and also the presence of poachers) and effective two way radio communications (not only for their personal safety when confronting poachers but also to summon help if and when turtles encounter difficulties on the beach (for example when fishing nets are left on the beach or when artificial lighting confuses nesting females or emerging hatchlings). 

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