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Friends of Conservation
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Schools Education Programme

Environmental education is a main focus and we have established Conservation Clubs in schools in the Mara area to raise awareness about conservation at an early age. Activities include planting fruits and vegetables, bird-watching and feeding and litter clean-ups.  'Rhino Watches' - guided trips into the Masai Mara National Reserve provide an opportunity to see the huge diversity of wildlife - for many this will be the first time they will experience this incredible place; their national heritage.

Communities Programme

We believe that if we help to support the alleviation of poverty through activities which generate income and are environmentally sustainable, communities will not only be able to reduce negative impacts on the environment, such as deforestation and illegal logging, but will also be encouraged to view the environment as an asset.  This in turn will encourage a sense of ownership; thereby  helping to conserve wildlife and other natural resources.
With this in mind, we are establishing beehive demonstration units (BDU's)at schools in the eastern mara region. These encourage awareness of conservation, and enable students, teachers and the wider community to learn about running a sustainable honey business. The first school BDU was opened in February 2017 and there are plans to set up at least two more this year.
FOC continues to campaign for sound tourism practices inside the Masai Mara National Reserve and aims to educate visitors and tour operators to respect Kenya’s fragile ecosystem. FOC developed the ‘Safari Code’ ‘Beach Code’ and the ‘Traveller’s Code’ several years ago and strives to have these principles adopted worldwide to promote tourists’ critical role in wildlife conservation.

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