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Friends of Conservation
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Deforestation poses one of the greatest threats to overall environmental health in Kenya. Consequently FOC has focused a lot of attention to the area. We help train members of the community in forestry skills as well as planting large numbers of trees and seedlings to protect river catchments and soil quality. 
FOC have worked with Maasai women to develop a fuel-efficient stove with the ultimate goal of reducing the amount of wood needed. Women and girls are often the members in a household walk great distances to collect wood, much of which is green and still wet. This not only means that more wood is needed to generate enough heat, but also that associated health problems occur, such as chest problems through increased wood smoke and back problems caused through carrying large bundles of wood.

The stove, developed by FOC and the Intermediate Technology Group, is made from easily accessible products, cow dung and mud and allows the burning of wood to be carried out in an enclosed area, thereby keeping the heat in. It is hoped that through the use of this stove and the introduction of alternative sources of fuel, such as cow dung briquettes, the Maasaiís reliance on the surrounding habitat can be reduced. 

Demonstration biogas units have also been set up. These are fuelled by a mixture of  cow dung and water and produce gas, reducing the amount of wood required for cooking. 

Land Management

As with most areas of the world, population numbers and associated development is steadily increasing around the Masai Mara Reserve. FOC works closely with communities offering practical solutions to try to mitigate the risk of conflict that can arise as livestock, urban development and population growth compete with wildlife for land use. 

Tourism Programme


Throughout the 1990ís FOC campaigned for sound tourism practices inside the Masai Mara. An increased occurrence of off-road driving was beginning to have a negative effect on the habitat of the Reserve. More and more tracks were being made leading to an increase in erosion and the disappearance of a number of key savannah species.

FOC therefore developed a set of Reserve regulations, a guide book that is currently of sate and the Travellers Code of Conduct. Working with the Ecotourism Society of Kenya and the Kenya Association of Tour Operators, FOC is working to have these principles adopted across Kenya. Using posters, stickers and leaflets, FOC will promote touristís critical role in wildlife conservation.

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