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Friends of Conservation
101 St Martin's Lane
London, WC2N 4AZ
Tel: 020 3667 7017

Large areas in Namibia suffer from severe bush encroachment. This greatly reduces the natural grasslands needed by the cheetahs. CCF harvests this thickened bush - with its sharp, damaging spikes - to produce “bush logs” as a source of fuel for local peoples. This multi-benefit project helps restore precious cheetah habitat, create local employment and produce an ecologically sustainable product. 

A large amount of firewood is sold on the informal market in Namibia and most of Namibia’s firewood is being over-exploited leading to deforestation and desertification. Sustainable 'Bushbloks' assist in the removal of excess undesirable bush from Namibian farmlands. As a result, habitat restoration efforts can be significantly increased. 

The project produces wood chips and fuel logs from its own plant for direct sale to local communities as well as overseas. Rural households use a large amount of wood for cooking and heating. These provide a clean burning alternative. 


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