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Greg has had considerable success in his efforts to work with farmers and ranchers to protect these animals. In order to create the climate for expansion into former ranges where dogs have been exterminated an awareness/education programme has been rolled out throughout the country. Talks, booklets, posters and links with education officers, all help to target schools, farmers and local people throughout Zimbabwe and explain the plight of this very endangered species.

Greg is now focusing his educational efforts onto the local communities and a community outreach programme has been implemented. FOC has provided funds to cover the costs of producing booklets about the dogs and their conservation, which will be distributed throughout schools and communities in the range areas. The educational component of the project will play an active role conserving Zimbabwe’s and thus Africa's remaining populations of painted hunting dogs. Regular talks are given by Greg and project staff to the children and teachers, highlighting the need and importance of conservation.

Click here for more information on Greg’s work to save the wild dogs: Greg Rasmussen’s website.

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