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The elusive, carnivorous, Painted Hunting Dogs are nomadic, roaming from open plains and savannah grasslands to dense bush. Painted Hunting Dogs are generally found in family units called packs. Typically a pack ranges over 500-1500 sq kms, often overlapping with neighbouring families. The pack’s size on average is now 10-20 dogs, although records show that they once roamed in packs of over 100 animals.

This project aims to conserve and increase the range and numbers of painted hunting dogs in Zimbabwe. Packs are captured and radio collared in order to identify behaviour patterns, hunting success, and causes of mortality in the different areas. Vulnerable packs are monitored closely and problems for those packs identified. Most importantly, landowners are made aware of the presence of the dogs and their movements, and problems (real or imagined) are tackled. Samples are collected to enable screening for infectious diseases and parasites.

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