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At start of the 20th Century there were tens of thousands of Painted Hunting Dogs roaming through 34 countries in Africa. To day only four countries are believed to have strong viable communities. These populations have a total of little over 3,000 dogs, with only 2,000 living in protected areas. The Painted Hunting Dog is thought to be Africa’s most endangered large carnivore and some experts predict extinction within the next 15 years.

Greg Rasmussen has been working to protect the Painted Hunting Dog since 1990 and in 2001 he won the Whitley Conservation Award. FOC has supported the work of Greg Rasmussen in the past. We need your help to continue with our support. 
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The elusive, carnivorous, Painted Hunting Dogs are nomadic, roaming from open plains and savannah grasslands to dense bush. Painted Hunting Dogs are generally found in family units called packs. Typically a pack ranges over 500-1500 sq kms, often overlapping with neighbouring families. The pack’s size on average is now 10-20 dogs, although records show that they once roamed in packs of over 100 animals. 
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Greg has had considerable success in his efforts to work with farmers and ranchers to protect these animals. In order to create the climate for expansion into former ranges where dogs have been exterminated an awareness/education programme has been rolled out throughout the country. Talks, booklets, posters and links with education officers, all help to target schools, farmers and local people throughout Zimbabwe and explain the plight of this very endangered species. 
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